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Adhish Pendharkar

30 years of solid experience working in IT industry from Ship Management, Banking, Gaming, Insurance and Startup. Been there done that, working in large organizations at various levels in the IT ladder, it has always been a constant struggle with making the corporate's agile and nimble. In these 30 years one thing I realized that, people want to work and they want to deliver, failures are often due to layers of checks and balances amount to delays and frustrations. So, to empower people and organizations I started ACL, where like minded individuals will deliver your dream in minimal friction.

Ashish worked with me as a Enterprise Architect for Corporate Banking technology at a time when the Bank had a huge agenda to expand its capabilities across 13 markets in Asia. Ashish is a hands-on and practical technologist with a great can-do spirit. Always passionate about driving change and making an impact !

While I have not worked directly with Adhish I have reviewed and assessed the results of his work at Ignatica. Adhish has a very competent and through approach to designing and delivering enterprise grade software. The level of thought and design put into the solution I reviewed demonstrates an ability to take a concept and deliver an innovative and well thought through solution. HIs knowledge of architecture, Java, Cloud and lateral thinking around solution approaches is impressive. I would have no hesitation recommending Adhish to any organisation looking for an innovative architect/ technologist.

I worked with Adhish at JPMorgan and I can definitely say that Adhish is one of the most pragmatic yet technical people that I know. He focuses on the outcomes and does not get hung up on the technical solutions. This is surprising given the deep technical knowledge that he possesses and his extensive technical architecture and programming knowledge. I am sure that whatever endeavor Adhish decides to pursue, he will focus and deliver great quality work.

I was fortunate to work with Adhish when he was a contractor for KPMG Hong Kong on a project basis. He immediately brought years of invaluable, hands-on experience in modernizing legacy environments to the team. His contributions didn't stop there though--he also was an incredibly patient teacher, sharing his hard-earned experience and wisdom with the whole team--both on the KPMG and the client side. An absolute professional and a pleasure to work with.


I had the pleasure of working with Adhish for two years in Manulife Asia. In the capacity of Chief Software Engineer I found Adhish to be a highly collaborative and hands on technology leader. Navigating the full stack of mobile, microservices and datalake technologies, Adhish and his team lead the deployment of a number of innovative solutions to the market as well as establishing solid foundations in devOps, mobile and test automation frameworks. Adhish possesses a strong appreciation of both the enterprise big picture and a tenacity to dive deep into emerging technologies (eg. blockchain) to prove his vision. Adhish is an asset to any organization seeking his passion to achieve business transformation through technology.

Over the last 15 years in the business, I have gotten to know several impressive technologists who have shaped the technical landscape in Asia – Adhish is one of the few I’d confidently say sit at the top of my short list in terms of senior technical / business savvy talent in Asia.

His career has spanned shipping, banking, gaming and insurance where he has continuously built successful technical solutions to complex business problems. He is a rare technical breed who can get to the crux of what the business is trying to achieve while also being able to build the nuts and bolts of a platform.

Adhish is a great mentor. He has a very unique way of describing technical concepts to non-techies and is always throwing in his brand of humor to lighten the mood and lift spirits. I haven't yet come across anyone who wouldn't want to work for Adhish again.

Thank you for being your awesome, unique self, and for exposing me to slang / phrases / ideas I never knew existed... most I'm sure you definitely created yourself. I am creating a book of "Adhishisms" if anyone is interested :)

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